Day 1. 15.06.2014 
2687 ft - 6792 ft

Söllereck cable car Oberstdorf to the Söllereck and on to theFiderepass Cabin, over the Fellhorn ridge.

Stage 1.
We start our ascent from the Söllereck cable car mountain station, and then follow a well-developed alpine track above the Hühnermoose to the Sölleralp. The Sölleralp is located at a height of about 4921 feet (about 1,500 meters) below the Söllereck. The Sennalpe was a beautiful place to take a leisurely break with its homemade cheese and fresh buttermilk, but we had to reach the Fiderepass hut before it got dark, so we passed. Before reaching the Sölleckkopf ridge, the path climbs over a few extensive hairpin bends to the right above the alp. Given that the condition of the path had become more alpine, we encountered the first wooden steps that would accompany us on our journey towards the Fellhorn area. After reaching the ridge, which still has forest in this area, our climb led us south along the ridge.
High above and secured with steel cables.
The ascent to the Söllerkopf on the eastern flank of the ridge became increasingly steep and exposed. The narrow pathway leads along the way, and at times is a steep mountain climb, which leads further upwards via one or the other passages secured with steel cables. Below our path are steep, partly rugged slopes in the direction of the Söller tub. 
Along the Austrian and German border.
After reaching the top of the ridge again, we are rewarded with a wonderful all-round view of the Allgäu Alps, Oberstdorf, and the Kleinwalser valley. From now on, the impressive mountain panorama will remain our constant companion. The path now goes over the summits of the Söller and Schlappold heads, along the ridge, and over many wooden steps to the Fellhorn summit. We cross the German and Austrian borders numerous times, which is barely perceptible. After arriving at the Fellhorn summit, things get a little busier for a short time due to the Fellhorn cable car and restaurant.
It was time to take a break

To the Fiderepass hut from the Fellhorn cable car half way station.
Stage 2

After a brief stop at the Fellhorn cable car midway station, our mountain tour takes us downhill on slightly better developed paths in the direction of a high saddle between Fellhorn and Kanzelwall. After a left and then a right turn, the mountain path continues further in the direction of the Fiderepass cabin.
We leave behind everyday life.
The ascent to the hut begins about 550 yards (about 503 m) downhill from the Fellhorn cable car middle station. Here, the well-developed path, which is ideal for hiking, meanders through the flowery slopes of the Fellhorn region. This perfect, sunny day was beautiful. The area was an abundance of alpine roses and other alpine flora. After some time, our path crosses paths with other paths coming from the Fellhorn summit or the Kanzelwall cable car mountain station. The mountain path here leads downhill for a few meters in a stair-like manner, only to climb again a little later below the Warmatsgundkopf in a south-westerly direction. 
Upon passing through the rugged stone area of the Rossgundalpe, the path climbs pleasantly above the Warmatsgund valley to the Kühgund hut. Here, we are faced with a small, rocky band that requires a steady head for heights for the first time. You may still find small amounts of snow between this rocky area and the Kühgund in early spring.
The hut comes in sight…
When we reach the Kühgund hut, the ascent continues into a small valley with high mountain slopes. At the end of the valley, we can see for the first time the Fiderepass cabin. The mountain path, which initially was an easy and pleasant climb, gradually becomes a steeper one, over scree slopes at the end of the valley. Once we reach the top, a few yards of sloping, rocky terrain must be traversed before the steepest part of the day is conquered. Even in June, remains of snow from the past winter were visible. The ascent then turns and meanders a little flatter again, uphill over a few hairpin bends. The cabin plays hide and seek with us until we finally arrive at the top of a sunny meadow ridge. After about five hours, we have reached the cabin and are ready to check in and have a cold beer.

Fiderepass Cabin

Day one comes to an end, and the first milestone is achieved. We have reached the Fiderepass cabin.

Day 2. 16.06.2014   
6792 ft - 6605 ft

Fiderepass Cabin to Mindelheimer Cabin over Krumbacher Höhenweg

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