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Welcome to my guest book, please sign in and let me hear your comments, thoughts, recomendations and commemdations on this homepage. Many thanks to you in advance: Sean.

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Sean.M.Plowden-Wardlaw  ★★★★★  Donnerstag, 9 Juli 2020
Well, someone has to start, so I'm making the first of, I hope, many entries. Welcome to my Guestbook, be free to give comments, and help me build this homepage, I will be continually adding new pages. Many Thanks. Sean.
Janina Plowden-Wardlaw  ★★★★★  Mittwoch, 25 November 2020
Als Tochter, die deinen & mit Faszination und Interesse an unserer Geschichte. Möchte ich dir danke sagen!
Ein Dankeschön für meine Kinder – deine / eure Enkel.
Ich bin stolz, ein Teil dieser Familie zu sein.
Mit Stolz & Mut trage ich unseren Namen.

Hallo Janina, Ich bin sehr stolz auf dich. Danke.
Alys (Plowden-)Wardlaw  ★★★★★  Donnerstag, 9 Dezember 2021
Well Done Sean. I enjoyed looking at the early pictures of our grandparents and our fathers in New Zealand. Your cousin, Alys

Hello Alys, very many thanks for your entry in my Guest Book. Sean
Diane Warner  ★★★★★  Montag, 13 Juni 2022
Hello Sean, you have a very interesting homepage there. I have never a seen a family tree with so much history. Well done. Diane.

Hello Diane, many thanks for your comments.
Debbie Scherer  ★★★★★  Mittwoch, 15 Juni 2022
Hello Sean. You have done an excellent job of preserving your family tree and helping your “cousins” see it in such a beautiful layout. Great work.

Many thanks Debbie for your kind words. Sean

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