First Certificate of the Lord Lyon.

These certificates, specifically one and two, substantiate the authenticity of the genealogy of the Plowden-Wardlaw family, tracing back to the Emperor Charlemagne.

We, Thomas Innes of Learney, Baron of Learney, Kinnairdy and Yeochrie, Advocate, Lord Lyon King of Arms, having considered the foregoing Genealogy of Wilfrid James Plowden-Wardlaw, which his father hath prayed unto Us, that We, as belonging to our Sphere of Duty and Our Office of Lyon, should after due consideration, Avouch, and thereafter issue These Presents, Our Certificate: SINCE, therefore, this is of use to him both at Home and Abroad, And that We may not refuse Our  conclusive Testimony to the proof indubitable from impartial and satisfactory evidence., OUR WILL is, therefore, and WE DECLARE THAT THE SAID GENEALOGY from the said Wilfrid James Plowden- Wardlaw (No. 37) in whose name Arms were Matriculated in Our Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland on 16 Feby 1044 through the Noble Houses of Brodie of Lethan, feudal Baron of Lethan, a branch of the ancient House of Brodie of Brodie of that Ilke, Baron and Thane of Brodie; and furthermore through the House of Campbell of Cawdor, Baron and Thane of Cawdor (of whom the present Representative is Earl Cawdor in the Peerage of the United Kingdom); and through the House of Keith. Earl Marischal of Scotland; and the House of Douglas, Earl of Morton, and Princess Johanna of Scotland, Countess of Morton, 3rd daughter of James1-King of Scotland and his Lady, Joan Beaufort, Queen of Scotland (No. 21 of Genealogy) IS SUFFICIENTLY AND SATISFACTORILY ESTABLISHED. AND BY WHICH DESCENT TRUE IT IS AND OF VERITY THAT THE PETITIONER IS RELATED TO MOST OF THE SOVEREIGN FAMILIES OF EUROPE. AND We have confined this Our Certificate to the foregoing portion, because that portion of the same adducing the Petitioner's descent through the House of Plantagenet, "Counts of Flanders and Kings of France, is not now put to the proof before Us in Our Court and established by Decree of Us ih Our Court aforesaid. AND in order that this Our Certificate may be Manilest and Known to All, We have ordained the same to be recorded against the said Matriculation of the Arms of Wilfrid James Plowden Wardlaw upon the 6th folio of the 85th Volume of Our Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland. In Testimony whereof These Presents are Subscribed by Us at Edinburgh the Tenth day of March One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty Six. 


1, ALGAR HENRY STAFFORD HOWARD, Garter Principal King of Arms, CERTIFY that the descent of LADY JOAN BEAUFORT (crowned by Bishop Wardlaw of St. Andrews on May 21. 1424) from the EMPEROR CHARLEMAGNE and the EMPŘESS HILDEGARDE as shewn in this pedigree is duly recorded (Refs.: Arundel III, 83, 84 and 67, Arundel 1, 149 and Arundel III, 97 and 120) at the College of Arms, London, and further that the descent of WILFRID JAMES PLOWDEN - WARDLAW from THOMAS BRODIE (died 1825) is also recorded (Ref.: Norfolk XXXVIII, 15) at the College of Arms. 
Dated the 22nd day of May, One thousand nine hundred and forty-six. 

Second Certificate of the Lord Lyon.

We, Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order, Baron of Learney, Kinnairdy and Yeoehrie, Advocate, Lord Lyon King of Arms, having further considered the within genealogy of Wilfrid James Plowden-Wardlaw: Our certificate of 10th March, 1948: and a certificate by Sir Algar Henry Stafford Howard, Garter, Principal King of Arms of the English, being the proper authority regarding the genealogy of the Marquesses of Dorset, Earls of Somerset in the peerage of England, certifying the descent of the Lady Joan Beaufort descended from that house. Accordingly FIND AND DECLARE that the said genealogy Nos. 1-21 setting forth the descent of the said Lady Joan from the Emperor Charlemagne and the Empress Hildegarde is now sufficiently established. FURTHER We being the Officer of the Crown and Kingdom responsible for the conduct and record of Coronations in Scotland DO FURTHER DECLARE that the said Lady Joan Beaufort was crowned by Bishop Wardlaw at St. Andrew's on 21st May, 1424, and OUR WIILL IS, therefore, and WE DECLARE THAT THE SAID GENEALOGY FROM THE SAID WILFRID (No. 37) TO THE SAID EMPEROR CHARLEMAGNE (No. 1) IS SUFFICIENTLY AND SATISFACTORILY ESTABLISHED and in order that this Our Certificate may be manifest and known to all WE HAVE ORDAINED the same to be recorded against the Matriculation of Arms of the said Wilfrid James Plowden-Wardlaw in our Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland. In Tesimony Whereof these presents are subscribed by US at Edinburgh the 9th January, 1947. Mobirise is one of the easiest website development tools available today. It also gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

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