Here you will find a list of historical figures which are part of the family tree, however there is not a lot historically to find on them. Click on the links below.

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Baldwin I, Margrave of Flanders (c. 830 – 879)
Ælfthryth of Wessex (c. 877 – 7 June 929)
Anne Brodie (1803 - 1877)
David Brown Wardlaw (26.01.1803 -19.08. 1867) 
Lady Henrietta Stuart (Stewert)
Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder.
James Campbell Wardlaw

Baldwin I, Margrave of Flanders, (Baldwin Iron Arm)  (c. 830 – 879)

Institution of Baldwin I

At the time Baldwin first appears in the records he was already a count, presumably in the area of Flanders, but this is not known. Count Baldwin rose to prominence when he eloped with Judith, daughter of Charles the Bald, king of West Francia. They fled north around 861 as Charles had given no permission for a marriage and tried to capture Baldwin. After Baldwin and Judith had evaded his attempts to capture them, Charles had his bishops excommunicate the couple. Judith and Baldwin responded and traveled to Rome to plead their case with Pope Nicholas I. By 23 November 862, their plea was successful and Charles was forced to accept the situation. The marriage took place on 13 December 862 in Auxerre. King Charles appointed Baldwin Margrave of Flanders, responsible for repelling the Viking invasions.Baldwin was very successful in the position and used it to build his domain. By 870, in addition to Flanders, Baldwin had acquired the lay-abbacy of Saint Peter's Abbey in Ghent and is assumed to have also acquired the county of Waasland, or parts thereof by this time.
Baldwin I and Judith had the following children: Charles who died at a young age .
Baldwin II (c. 866 – 918),[3] who succeeded as margrave of Flanders .
Ralph (c. 869 – murdered 896),[3] who became count of Cambrai around 888.
Guinidilda, who married Wilfred I the Hairy, Count of Barcelona.
Source: : Photo Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Ælfthryth of Wessex (c. 877 – 7 June 929)

Baldwin II and Ælfthryth

Ælfthryth of Wessex (c. 877 – 7 June 929), also known as Elftrudis (Elftrude, Elfrida), was an English princess and a countess consort of Flanders.
She was the youngest daughter of Alfred the Great, the Saxon King of England and his wife Ealhswith. Her siblings included King Edward the Elder and Æthelflæd.
Between 893 and 899, Ælfthryth married Baldwin II (died 918), Count of Flanders.
They had the following issue: Arnulf I of Flanders (d. 964/65); married Adela of Vermandois ,Adalulf, Count of Boulogne (d. 933), Ealswid & Ermentrud.
Source: : Photo AnonymousUnknown author, Public domain.

ANNE BRODIE (1803 - 1877) 

Anne Brodie

ANNE BRODIE (1803 - 1877) My Great,Great,Great Grandmother: sister of the 10th Laird of Lethen James Campbell Brodie who succeeded in 1829 to the estates of Lethen and Coulmony (1801-1857) : she was also sister of John Clerk Brodie of Idvies co: Forfar. W.S., C.B., LL.D., D.L., Deputy Keeper of the Signet (1811-1888). She was aunt of James Campbell John Brodie 12th Laird of Lethen and Lord Lieutenant of Nairn (1848-1880) : and also of Sir Thomas Dawson Brodie of Idvies 1st Baronet. (1832-1896). Married on Nov. 10th, 1827, in St. James' Cathedral, Calcutta------ David Brown Wardlaw of Gogarmount Midlothian (2nd of that name (1803-1867). It is through this lady that the later Wardlaws of Gogarmount and now the Plowden-Wardlaws share the blood of the Carolingian Emperors, of the Scottish and English Kings, and of the sovereign Counts of Flanders.

David Brown Wardlaw (26.01.1803 -19.08. 1867).

David Brown Wardlaw

David Brown Wardlaw (26.01.1803 -19.08. 1867). Married Anne Brodie on Nov. 10th, 1827, in St. James' Cathedral, Calcutta, at the time he was part of the Indian Medical Service being a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1826. He retired from the East India Company Army on 16th Dec. 1831 on the Lord Clive Fund. With Anne, he had the following children. Anne Georgina Best; David Wardlaw; Thomas Brodie Wardlaw; Martha Butlin und James Campbell Wardlaw, my Great Great Grandfather. David Brown died 19.08.1867 in Padington,London, and is burried at Dean Cemetry in Edinburgh. 

Lady Henrietta Stuart (Stewert). (1622 - 1704)

Lady Henrietta Stuart

Lady Henrietta Stuart ( H. Steuart) was born 1622 in Moray, Inverness-shire, Scotland. She was the daughter of James Stewart, 4th Earl of Moray (25.06.1608-04.03.1653) and Lady Margaret Home, eldest daughter of the 1st Earl of Home and Countess of Moray.
On 28.January. 1662 she married Sir Hugh Campbell, 5th of Calder (15th Thane of Cawdor), (1620-1650), son of Colin Campbell and Elizabeth Brodie.
Sir Hugh Campbell and Lady Henrietta had 6 children.
Alexander Campbell, Margaret (Campbell) Crawford, Margaret (Campbell) Rose, Archibald Campbell of Cawdor, Jean (Campbell) Campbell Lady Meldrum and Anne (Campbell) MacLean
Lady Henrietta died in 1704 in Nairn, Nairnshire, Scotland

Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder.(15th Thane of Cawdor) (1639 - 1716)

Cawdor Castle

Hugh Campbell of Calder was born 1635 in Inverness, Inverness-shire, Scotland. He was the eldest son of the tutor Sir Colin Campbell and Elizabeth Margaret Campbell (born: Brodie) .  and brother to Margaret, Archibald, Donald und Elspet. He followed his father as Laird, and is possibly inscribed in the Register of Masters of the Arts of the University of Glasgow as Hugo Cambellus as having taken his degree in 1654 at the age of 15. In 1662 , at the age of 23 he married Lady Henrietta Stewert, sister of the Earl of Moray.  Hugh served in several Parliaments as a Member for the Shire of Nairn, cared for the country estates as a Magistrate . Whilst living in Cawdor Castle, he was consistantly occupied it`s repair and upkeep. It is said that his wife was in charge of the decoration and furniture.
Sir Hugh Campbell and Lady Henrietta had 6 children.
Alexander Campbell, Margaret (Campbell) Crawford, Margaret (Campbell) Rose, Archibald Campbell of Cawdor, Jean (Campbell) Campbell Lady Meldrum and Anne (Campbell) MacLean.
On 11th March 1716, Sir Hugh died at the age of 77 years. at Calder Castle, Cawdor, Nairn, Scotland.
Photo: LeCardinal, CC BY-SA 3.0. via Wikimedia Commons

James Campbell Wardlaw of Gogarmount. 8 12.1835 23.02.1914

David Brown Wardlaw

JAMES CAMPBELL WARDLAW: younger son to David Brown Wardlaw and Anne Brodie of Lethen : born at Gogarmount Midlothian Dec: 8, 1835 : He was one of five children.
1. Annie Georgina (1828-1904). 2. David W.S. (1831-1908). 3. Thomas Brodie (1834-1916).
4. James Campbell (1835-1914). 5. Martha (1839-1906)

He married 1st in Hongkong July 30, 1870, Mary Bray who died Feb: 1872: only issue a daughter Mary Bray (1872-1942), afterwards Mrs. Bramwell)
2ndly Jan 28, 1873 at St. Andrew's, Wells St., London : Augusta Ellen Chichele Plowden (1839-1913), eldest daughter of Augustus Udny Chichele Plowden, B.C.S. (born 1805 : died in India 1852) and Ellen Carne (born 1817: died 1887) and paternal aunt of Roger Chichele Plowden (born 1871) who since 1909 is reputed to be the senior representative of Thomas Plowden of Lassam 2nd Earl Palatine of New Albion (1614-1698), and of James Chichele Plowden of Ewshurst (1715-1761).
James Campbell died 23.02.1914 in Bournmouth, Hants. My Great-great-grandfather.
James and Augusta had two children. 1. James Tait Wardlaw (1873-1963) and 2. Hugh Chichele (1880-1964)

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