Andrew (Andrzej) Maria Malczewski

August 26, 1938 - September 2, 2018

Andrew (Andrzej) Maria Malczewski

Andrew was my uncle-in-law having been married to my aunt Philippa (Pippa), the sister of John.
I had met Phillpa many times, but I can't recall meeting Andrew.
Andrew and Philip were married in Edinburgh, Scotland, on September 15, 1962.
He was the son of Major and Mrs Malczewski, who moved from Poland to Scotland..
He was born in Lwow, Poland, and was brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland, with Krystyna and his cousin John, by his parents Kazimierz and Barbara and his grandmother Julia.
He attended the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), a leading international art college within the University of Edinburgh. Located in the historic Old Town of Edinburgh, one of the world’s greatest cultural cities.
Andrew and Philippa moved to the west coast of Canada in 1964. He practised as an architect and was a well-respected town planner in the lower mainland and elsewhere, including the Philippines and Hungary.
His interests included drawing, boats, farms, good whisky, falconry and filming, which took him on an adventure to Kazakhstan. Andrew was a devout Catholic, who loved God and his family above all else.
Phillipa and Andrew had ten children, Andrea, Christian, Maria, Tamara, Justin, Linda, Darlene, Sophie, Theodora and Sebastian. Sadly, Sebastian passed away a few weeks after his birth on August 4th 1966.
Sebastian was born on July 16th, of that same year.
Andrew was obviously a man very dear to his family and friends. It is reported, that when he died, he was surrounded by over 70 friends and members of his family, including his beloved sister, Krystyna, his two nephews, and 25 grandchildren, 7 great-grandchildren, 1 great-great-grandchild, and his loyal friends. He will be missed by many who have been impacted by his family over the years.
A funeral mass was held at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Victoria at 2pm on Friday September 14th.
I wish all family and friends of Andrew well, and would love to hear from you.

Andrew (Andrzej) Maria Malczewski
Born: August 26th 1938 Lwow,Poland
Died : September 2nd 2018 Vancouver, Canada.

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