Brodie of Brodie

The Brodies of Lethen, and their connection to the Plowden-Wardlaw Timeline.
1667 - 1877.

(31) Jean Sophia Campbell of Cawder (1671 - 1753) was the daughter of Lady Henrietta Stuart and Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder (15th Thane of Cawder). In 1693 she married Alexander Brodie of Lethen & Duncarn (1667 - 1745). His parents were James Brodie of Kinloss & Margaret Forbes of Waterton. Alexander was the eldest son of James & Margaret and later became the 4th Laird of Lethen. With his marriage to Jean Sophia Campbell the Brodie family timeline merged with the Plowden-Wardlaw timeline as the 31st Generation after Charlemagne. Alexander had 5 brothers Thomas of Pitgavenie & Mayne, David, James, John, William and 1 sister Jean. 
Alexander and Sophia had 12 children but with the birth of their 4th son Thomas in 1707, the Plowden-Wardlaw timeline continued to the 32 Generation.

(32) Thomas Brodie W.S.(1707 - 1770)  Born 24.02.1707 in Auldearn, Nainshire, Scotland became the Lyon Depute of Scotland on 30.08.1754. The post of the Lord Lyon was in the early nineteenth century held by an important nobleman, the Earl of Kinnoull, whose functions were in practice carried out by the Lyon-Depute. The practice of appointing Lyon-Deputes, however, ceased in 1866.
On 02.03.1755 in Edinburgh, he married Phoebe Forbes (1730 - 1787) only daughter of Thomas Forbes of Thornton Kincardineshire and widow of John Scott of Hedderwick.
Thomas and Phoebe had three children, Elizabeth (1756 - 1833). Alexander(1758 - 1820) and Thomas Brodie W.S (1760 - 1825) . with the birth of their son Thomas in 1760, the Plowden-Wardlaw timeline continued to the 33 Generation. Thomas died on 19 Aug.1770.

(33) Thomas Brodie W.S.(1760 - 1825)  was born 10.08.1760 in Montrose, Angus, Scotland. (As a note, and like his father the title W.S after a name stands for ‘Writers to the Signet’ and is widely recognised as signifying exceptional standards of competence and integrity within the Scottish legal profession. Historically the Signet was the private royal seal of the early Scottish Kings.).
He married Anne Taap (1772 - 1847). Records show very little about this lady, and in the W.W.W there seems to be a lot of confusion on how to spell the name, never the less Thomas and Anne had nine children..Elizabeth (1793-1872). Thomas (1796-1798). Phoebe (1799-1833). James Campbell Brodie of Lethen (10th Brodie of Lethen)(1801-1857). Anne Brodie (1803-1877). Thomas (1805-1879). John Guise (1806-1807). The twins
David (1811-1831). &  John Clerk of Idvies (1811-1888). . with the birth of their daughter Anne in 1803, the Plowden-Wardlaw timeline continued to the 34 Generation..Anne Taap died Edinburgh.

(34) ANNE BRODIE (1803 - 1877) : sister of the 10th Laird of Lethen James Campbell Brodie (1801–1857) who succeeded in 1829 to the estates of Lethen and Coulmony : she was also sister of John Clerk Brodie of Idvies co: Forfar. W.S., C.B., LL.D., D.L., Deputy Keeper of the Signet (1811-1888). She was aunt of James Campbell John Brodie 12th Laird of Lethen and Lord Lieutenant of Nairn (1848-1880) : and also of Sir Thomas Dawson Brodie of Idvies 1st Baronet. (1832-1896). She married on Nov. 10th, 1827, in St. James' Cathedral, Calcutta------ David Brown Wardlaw of Gogarmount Midlothian (2nd of that name (1803-1867) in Calcutta, India. It is through this lady that the later Wardlaws of Gogarmount and now the Plowden-Wardlaws share the blood of the Carolingian Emperors, of the Scottish and English Kings, and of the sovereign Counts of Flanders.
With her marriage to David Brown Wardlaw, this line of the Brodie family departs the Plowden-Wardlaw timeline . 
Anne and David had 5 children 1.Annie Georgina (1828-1904).2.David W.S.(1831-1908).3.Thomas Brodie(1834-1916).4.James Campbell(1835-1914).
5.Martha (1839-1906)

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Photo above: Brodie of Brodie Coat of Arms. Czar Brodie, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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