Alexander Brodie


The Brodies of Lethen (Co. Nairn) are a cadet branch of the Brodies of Brodie (Morayshire). Alexander, the second son of David 13th Laird of Brodie, purchased in 1630-34 the estates of Pitgavenie, Eastgrange and Lethen, and in 1643 the estate of Kinloss. Alexander thus became the 1st Laird of Lethen. The Wardlaws of Gogarmount are descended from the 1st and 4th Lairds of the 10th and aunt of the 11th and 12th Lairds. Both the Brodies of Brodie and the Brodies of Lethen are descended from Malcolm, Thane of Brodie (1249-85). “ The old documents of the family were for the most part destroyed at Brodie House by Lord Lewis Gordon " (afterwards 3rd Marquis of Huntly) *“ in 1645. It is difficult therefore to trace the family farther back than the reign of Alexander III " (13th century). See Brodie's Genealogy of the Brodie Family : pub. 1862.
In an old history of Moray published in 1775, and written by Lacklen Shaw, it is said that “ The antiquity of the name (Brodie) appeareth from this, that no history, record, or tradition doth so much as hint that any other family or name possessed the lands of Brodie before them.

File:Brodie of Lethen Arms from Bob Brodie

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